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How to Update Theme?

How to update a theme is the most frequently asked question. In this post we will talk about what you need to know and how it can be done. Before updating you need to check something. Please open the theme settings page and click on the information tab. If you see message in the File Verification section that verification successful, no file modifications detected, this means that you did everything correctly and can update the theme.

How to update a theme? | Verification successful.

Verification successful

How to update a theme? | Verification not successful.

Verification not successful.

If the file verification is not successful and you see message that some files have been modified, this can happen only for two reasons:

After that, you need open the FTP client or the file manager plugin and replace all the theme files.

You must be cautious, if the file verification was not successful, you need to replace all files on themes, excluding those files that have been changed.

If you have any problems updating the theme please let us know and we will try to help you.

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